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Rules for collection and processing of personal data

  1. Collection and processing of personal data
    Salvioni Lugano SA can collect personal data about the user. It happens, in particular, when he/she communicates his/her personal information (surname, name, address, etc..) in order to use the offered services from the website (sending requests through a contract, e-mail etc.). Salvioni Lugano deals with collected personal data according to the regulations of the Federal Law of 19 June 1992 regarding the protection of data.
  2. Privacy and communication of personal data
    The cominicated personal data of the user are confidential and can be spread to third parties only with express authorization of the person concerned. In particular, the data can be spread if the user makes use of the web site only to diffuse messages or forbidden content. Salvioni Lugano SA implements all the necessary organizational and technical measures in order to protect the personal data of the users. Furthermore, Salvioni Lugano SA obligates to take all the possible measures to guarantee the total privacy of communication of data through the Net. However, the user acknowledges that it is not possible to guarantee the total security of these transfers and he/she assumes the full responsibility of communication of his/her personal data. Salvioni Lugano SA cannot be responsible for the problems during the transfer of information by the user, in particular, as for losses of data and for hacking by third parties.
  3. Use of data by Salvioni Lugano
    The use of personal data by Salvioni Lugano SA or his partners for commercial, marketing or public relation purposes is allowed only if it is expressly authorized by the user. Salvioni Lugano SA reserves the right to collect, deal and analyze personal data for statistical and research (number and frequency of visits of the website, number of visitors, type of users, viewed pages, etc.) and to publish or spread these data to third parties in a form that does not allow the identification of interested people.
  4. Communication of personal data to third parties by the user
    The responsibility for the collection and processing of personal data, communicated by the user for the use of services accessible through a link available on the website of Salvioni Lugano SA, falls entirely on third parties organizers of these services. Salvioni Lugano SA does not collect or conserve the entered data by the user for this purpose. In this case, Salvioni Lugano SA cannot employ any form of control and, as a consequence, it is not responsible for any additional uses and resultant consequences.
  5. Right of access
    The user has the right to consult free the personal data related to him/her, to rectify them or to suppress them if they are wrong, incomplete or irrelevant. Everyone, who intends to exercise this right, has to send by ordinary e-mail a written, dated and signed request, together with photocopy front and rear of his/her identity card to the following address: Salvioni Lugano SA, via Ferruccio Pelli 2, Lugano, 6900.
  6. Cookies
    The users is right now informed that cookies can be installed on the hard disk of his/her computer in order to record the information connected with his/her visits on the site of Salvioni Lugano SA. The cookies allow to identify the user and to simplify and customise the use of the website storing some parameters. In particular, the cookies are used to obtain information related to the viewed pages, to dates and to hours of consultation. Salvioni Lugano SA does not control the use of cookies produces by third parties and those resulting from the use of parts of the website which does not host directly. The user can stop the registration and installation of cookies on his/her computer disarming the option on his/her browser (navigation program). However, some features of the website (personalizations, warnings, etc.) can require the use of cookies without which the use of the site may be defective or even impossible.